The Books

sosa-third-ed-coverThe paperback textbook of Secrets of Screen Acting, now in its third edition, is available here.

The full-length unabridged audiobook version is available here.

In this new edition, Patrick Tucker retains the engaging style and useful structure of the first and second editions, while addressing significant changes in current technology, ensuring that this volume will remain an indispensable resource for contemporary students of screen acting.

Updated for a new decade of screen performance possibilities, Secrets of Screen Acting is a magician’s box of acting tricks for today’s performer and makes the distinction between acting for the stage and for the screen. He explains that the actor, instead of starting with what is real and trying to portray that on screen, should work with the realities of the shoot itself, and then work out how to make it all appear realistic.

Tucker has created and developed several screen acting of a courses, and this book is an extension and explanation of a lifetime of work in the field. Containing over fifty acting exercises, this book leads the reader step-by-step through the elements of effective screen acting.

The paperback textbook of Secrets of Screen Acting, now in its third edition, is available here.

The full-length unabridged audiobook version is available here.

The Audio

After reading Secrets of Screen Acting, Los Angeles-based actor David H. Lawrence XVII had the temerity to call the book’s author, Patrick Tucker, at his home in London. Lawrence was fascinated with the book, but felt the constraints of the printed page left so much more to be said, and proposed a series of 5 minute audio interviews with Tucker, in the form of a podcast.

“Beautiful. What’s a podcast?” queried Tucker.

Lawrence explained, and Tucker said “Marvelous. Let’s do it.”

And so, one of the most fascinating global audio connections was made, between a US actor, and a British director, who provide a daily 5-minute devotional to the actor’s career and skill set. Work, auditions, on-set behavior, headshots, The Method, direction, editing, technical operation on set and more. Secrets of Screen Acting goes far beyond sense memory, prior moments and avoiding indication: it fundamentally changes the way a working actor approaches their career and executes their tasks.

Want better audition results? Want to get called back to shows and work with directors repeatedly? Get Secrets of Screen Acting – the book and the episodes.

Listen to some sample episodes, then get the whole set of nearly 300 episodes. Listen to a single episode once a day, let it sink in, and watch as your acting career blossoms.

By the way, the full-length unabridged audiobook version of Secrets of Screen Acting, a completely different product from the podcast series, is available here.

Listen to Samples

OK. You’re an actor, and everyone’s trying to sell you something. We get that.

So, listen to a few episodes before diving in and getting the whole archive? Have at it:

Episode 82: The Secret of the Eye Flash

Episode 147: The Secret of Directors Affecting Casting

Episode 250: The Secret of Saving Your Reaction

Right? Huh? Now, visit the complete archives and get them all.

Complete Episode Archive

You can get Secrets of Screen Acting: The Podcast in the complete episode archive below, or you can get any of the ten-episode archives.

I want them all, thank you very much. And I want them NOW.

Click the link below to instantly purchase and download the archive of all 292 episodes, over 24 hours of commercial free acting wisdom and training, delivered to you instantly via download in pristine MP3 files, for just $279 (a savings of 30% over buying each individual archive, and only the complete pack includes the newly found Archives 27-30, the special 22-episodes archives of never-before heard Secrets!):

The Complete Episode Archive of Secrets of Screen Acting (Paypal or CC)

Ten-episode archives

You can get Secrets of Screen Acting: The Podcast in ten-episode archives below, or you can get the complete episode archive.

Archive 01: Episodes 1 – 10 ($17)

Secrets included:On talking fast and moving slow · On what is good acting and whatever works · On a few things Patrick hates when actors shoot · On the production glossary: A/B through AFM · On a few things Patrick loves when actors shoot · On a few more things Patrick loves when actors shoot · On the different planes of body movement · On eye-to-eye contact · On etiquette · On additional etiquette

Episode Archive 01 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 02: Episodes 11 – 20 ($17)

Secrets included:On speaking louder than the star · On asking the director the size of the shot · On the production glossary: anamorphic lens through aperature · On reactions and swallowing · On things to remember with headshot photographers · On the golden rule · On running lines and props-to-camera · On on-off eyes and transparent heads · On acting onscreen for good interviews · On changing your performance with the size of the shot

Episode Archive 02 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 03: Episodes 21 – 30 ($17)

Secrets included:On The Method · On rehearsals for single-camera television · On the lens and its magnetism · On casting through serendipity · On typecasting and little old men · On a few more things Patrick hates when actors shoot · On the silent movie exercise · On the production glossary: aspect ratio through atmosphere · On why videotaped theatre performances don’t work · On cheating and sipping tea

Episode Archive 03 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 04: Episodes 31 – 40 ($17)

Secrets included:On cheating the frame and Gone With The Wind · On the secret of the crew · On camera movements · On being a better reactor · On accurate vocal levels · On a framing exercise · On the production glossary: autocue to backlight · On constant motion of the camera · On the power of the camera operator · On real and unreal reactions

Episode Archive 04 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 05: Episodes 41 – 50 ($17)

Secrets included:On the shot’s procedure · On the “fake eyes” exercise · On a few more camera movements · On looping and ADR · On the boom operator · On the photograph exercise · On the production glossary: background action to barndoors · On the art museum · On auditions and casting directors · On the shooting script and camera cards

Episode Archive 05 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 06: Episodes 51 – 60 ($17)

Secrets included:On different takes and who to ask · On separation of dialogue · On different emotional levels · On projecting for the boom · On what directors are secretly thinking · On watching an editing session · On the production glossary: BCU to BG · On what the frame does · On the way actors are lit · On basic sound

Episode Archive 06 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 07: Episodes 61 – 70 ($17)

Secrets included:On typecasting (again) · On block shots and shoots · On taking physical notes · On watching blockbusters · More on the secret of typecasting · On how to best work with writers · On blocking the scene and more · On improv on the working set · On looking like your headshot · On your first day on a multicamera set

Episode Archive 07 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 08: Episodes 71 – 80 ($17)

Secrets included:On booms and breaks · On the rules of silence · On commercial auditions · On 5 things not to do on the set · On changing the written line · On the production glossary: buzz tracks and more · On reality shows · On the value of 10 seconds · On working the red light · On digital versus Moviola editing

Episode Archive 08 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 09: Episodes 81 – 90 ($17)

Secrets included:On the production glossary: camera angles and more · On eye flashes · On the nurse, the hoist and the budget · On getting no notes at all · On the store window test · On the production glossary: camera operator and more · On not blinking ever · On munching sandwiches · On cutting the crew some slack · On casting (and acting) by instinct

Episode Archive 09 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 10: Episodes 91 – 100 ($17)

Secrets included:On the production glossary: canting and so on · On making editors fall in love with actors · On two more make-the-editor-fall-in-love-with-you secrets · On whispering into your mobile · On expecting and dealing with problems · On the production glossary: clapper board and more · On hitting your mark in a deep three · On new books and new glossary terms · On putting thoughts on your face · On the production glossary: corpsing

Episode Archive 10 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 11: Episodes 101 – 110 ($17)

Secrets included:On closed sets · On the mirror shot · On the speed at which series regulars work · On the intimate speaking exercise · On a few differences in stage versus film versus TV · On the danger of the soft-spoken director · On being drop dead gorgeous · On batting and balling · On watching and acting as a good listener · On putting your best shoulder forward

Episode Archive 11 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 12: Episodes 111 – 120 ($17)

Secrets included:On being camera right plus framing practice · On shifting your weight to ease into your mark · On an acting process and sneezing · On the five secrets of the camera · On how acting should be taught · More on how acting should be taught · On the inequality of speaking and acting · On knowing your lines (or not) · On knowing your place on the set · On the pressures of the small and big screen

Episode Archive 12 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 13: Episodes 121 – 130 ($17)

Secrets included:On the famous actor’s checklist: the frame · On color temperature · On what to do during a strike · On what the continuity person does · On why directors aren’t fair · On the power of contrast ratio · On how coverage works · On why every scene is significant · On shenanigans on stage versus on set · On why forgetting your lines is great

Episode Archive 13 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 14: Episodes 131 – 140 ($17)

Secrets included:On crash zooms and crawls · On the cyclorama · On the construction of lenses · On crossing the 180 line · On positioning with your shoulders · On what CU and Q means · On yelling out “Cut!” · On passing the acting baton · On cutting away · On the sacrosanct script

Episode Archive 14 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 15: Episodes 141 – 150 ($17)

Secrets included:On damsels in distress · On day-for-night shooting · On living room furniture · On your childhood photos · On Joachin Phoenix’ testiness · On through-the-door casting · On directing work: meeting the producer · On directing work: analyzing the script · On directing work: observing the drama · On directing work: beginning the casting

Episode Archive 15 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 16: Episodes 151 – 160 ($17)

Secrets included:On directing work: continuing with casting · On directing work: attending the callbacks · On directing work: working with regulars · On directing work: blocking with Legos · On directing work: avoiding the bish-bosh · On directing work: scouting the locations · On directing work: helping yourself · On directing work: the table read · On directing work: making queries · On directing work: the first day

Episode Archive 16 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 17: Episodes 161 – 170 ($17)

Secrets included:On directing work: making suggestions · On directing work: a typical shoot · On directing work: shooting fast · On directing work: making do · On directing work: Patrick in post · On directing work: actors in post · On working with deaf actors · On acting for YouTube · On going deeper and deeper · On the mise-en-scene

Episode Archive 17 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 18: Episodes 171 – 180 ($17)

Secrets included:On why digital editing rocks · On fights on the set · On your very first day · On film versus digital · On your personal hot zone · On the sacred script (not) · On the worst part of production · On the director’s least favorite task · On the production glossary: dissolving and the dolly · On Tom Wilkinson

Episode Archive 18 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 19: Episodes 181 – 190 ($17)

Secrets included:On the hard wired script editor · On crossing the 180 · On Gordon Ramsay · On more real than real · On actors as machines · On working with actors twice · On the production glossary: doubles and downstage · On old adages · On Jack Nicholson · On preparing for A Few Good Men

Episode Archive 19 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 20: Episodes 191 – 200 ($17)

Secrets included:On the production glossary: drop outs to dry runs · On Gregory Peck · On script editors · On the show bible · On Meryl Streep · On the production glossary: dubbing and more · On always answering yes · On the danger of enrichment · On the five basic myths: the first three · On the five basic myths: the last two

Episode Archive 20 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 21: Episodes 201 – 210 ($17)

Secrets included:On Julia Roberts · On the production glossary: DVD and the ECU · On hours spent watching · On size perception: the LS · On size perception: the MS · On size perception: the MCU · On size perception: the BCU · On adjusting the beer bottle · On Scarlett Johansson · On the production glossary: the editor and the ELS

Episode Archive 21 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 22: Episodes 211 – 220 ($17)

Secrets included:On guilds versus unions · On why directors should take acting lessons · On memorization through speech · On establishing shots and eyelines · On credit where credit’s due · On preparatory differences · On Tom Cruise · On being disliked · On f stops and fill lights · On fine cuts and Greta Scacchi

Episode Archive 22 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 23: Episodes 221 – 230 ($17)

Secrets included:On cheating to camera (or not) · On developing a role for TV vs. film · On shooting in NYC: Part 1 · On shooting in NYC: Part 2 · On using the words · On working from the outside in · On the Oscars and now the Tonys · On how Heroes happened · On consistent vocals · On not-so-expert advice

Episode Archive 23 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 24: Episodes 231 – 240 ($17)

Secrets included:On playing the expert game · More on correct levels · On mumbling, not speaking · On making a mistake (or not) · On how to relax · On Glenn Close · On the two sides of your face · On little smiles · On messy teaching · On relishing the job of acting

Episode Archive 24 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 25: Episodes 241 – 250 ($17)

Secrets included:On the limits of improv · On what Einstein had to do with improv · On panic and casting · On anger in closeup · On profile versus full face · On working with children · On voicework technique · On demo reels · On turning in the cut · On saving your reactions for the shot

Episode Archive 25 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 26: Episodes 251 – 260 ($17)

Secrets included:On how non-intuitive is best · On how to prepare a script · On first steps to auditions · On first steps after booking work · On rejected ideas · On directors and/or actors · On why most directors first films are too loud · On working with student directors · On dated work versus timeless work · On getting more from an older actor

Episode Archive 26 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 27: Episodes 261 – 270 ($17)

Secrets included:On no whispering · On the new Brit invasion · On why some actors work faster · On how to avoid getting fired · On the actor’s emergency card · On realistic accents · On having too many actors · On staying ready · On what to do during downtime · On choosing monologues ·

Episode Archive 27 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 28: Episodes 271 – 280 ($17)

Secrets included: On how to be a YouTube star · On the production glossary: flagging and floor plans · On confidence · On announcing on camera · On Sandra Bullock · On the mistake of overmarking scripts · On taking over roles and parts · On knowing that you are enough · On the production glossary: first AD to fish pole · On Colin Firth ·

Episode Archive 28 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 29: Episodes 281 – 290 ($17)

Secrets included:On what happened to David after Heroes · On being bored · More on the eye flash · On painter’s tech ability · On older actors adjusting · On Harrison Ford and vocal levels · On drop dead gorgeous older actors · On expressions on the phone · On what to do if the camera can’t see your lips · On never saying no ·

Episode Archive 29 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

Archive 30: Episodes 291 – 292 ($7)

Secrets included:On stage auditions · More on stage auditions ·

Episode Archive 30 of Secrets of Screen Acting (on

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